Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Everything we say and do begins with a choice

and where the basis for that choice is formed.

What questions do we ask before we leap

what answers do we need before we fall?

Everything I choose to do and say

every time I take the smallest step.

Each move I make preceded by a reason

nothing should be done just on instinct.

Each day when I wake up I make a choice

to plant my feet firmly on the floor.

To place them slowly one before the other

with forward movement being my intent.

Every time I open my mouth to speak I pause

the words will land in someone else’s ears.

Just for a second think about the other one

and how the words are going to sound to them.

Think about what happens when you tip back

that bottle to fill up your empty soul.

Think about the time you lose and the time it takes to recover

and the darkness that it drapes on you like a veil.

Think about looking for answers that you don’t really want

to questions that don’t matter anyway.

Think about what you do once you get them

and the things that eyes can never ever unsee.

Think about what drives you through the day

and how you choose to take control of your thoughts.

Where you let them take you can be disastrous

if you don’t choose to guide them for yourself.

Think about the choice of standing up

of owning who you now have the chance to become.

Think about letting go of all of the old things

that hung on you and drug you to the ground.

Think about the sweat and tears you bleed with

and the changes they have made upon your heart.

Think about what you have achieved in this short time

and think about how much more for you there is.

Choose with intent is all that I am saying

and choose with awareness of ultimate consequence.

There are remnants left from every bad decision

and some of them you can never change.

For dVersepoets.com
OpenLinkNight ~ Week #52


  1. Small steps can leave large footprints!

  2. we are all a product of our choices...and our outcomes come from our choices....and sometimes we have no choices...or they are hard and still....we choose....

  3. Sounds like you have worked hard on getting your priorities sorted whilst showing us the way you progressed through the possibilities.
    Very methodical progression making for a sound read.
    Talking of choices : any chance you could choose a different text colour? My screen has trouble with the transparent post background for reading your text.