Sunday, April 1, 2012

What I'm Left With

How do you find grace in the falling

or peace in the places where you land?

How do you find your way out of the mourning

when you know she left while you still held her hand?

How do you find comfort when you can’t forget

all the things you wish you never knew?

How do heal your broken soul

when each day seems bring new pain to you?

There is something slowly bleeding that I can’t explain

and in that we have lost so many things.

We are strangers now with nothing to connect our lives

and I am living the reality that it brings.

I am someone who no longer belongs to the life that I had built

to the family, to the lover, to the dream.

I feel like I never had a chance to fight for us

but you got to decide everything.

When do I get to say what this means to me

when does it matter what I feel?

It doesn’t, and that is what I’m left with

a life alone that is just too painfully real.

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