Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Never Again

You don’t deserve any more of my love

or any more of my pain.

You don’t deserve to know

that you broke the last piece of my heart.

You don’t deserve my anger

because it won’t change anything.

The apology that I hoped it would bring

is never going to come.

You’re not sorry, you’re not,

if you were, you never would have left.

You don’t have any love left for me

or you never would have been with her.

I own my part in all of this,

I gave you too much of me.

I let you take me for granted

and for that I continue to pay.

I never held you accountable

for the things that broke my heart.

For your silver edged tongue and your painful words

the ones that tore me apart.

I only ever tried to believe in you

and didn’t know how to stand my ground.

To tell you when you weren’t there for me

I let that become how it was.

You never supported, never nurtured me

and I hate you for it now.

I just never thought, if you loved me

that I should have to tell you how.

I guess I should have learned from you

you never stopped telling me.

How to be everything you wanted me to be

I never could have known so well.

I am angry and hateful and bitter

but the beauty of that is.

I never have to do this again

 let someone take the heart that I gave them.

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