Sunday, April 8, 2012

A holiday alone

Today feels just like that first day

the day that you said goodbye.

The day when you told me that I wasn’t the one

that you didn’t love me anymore.

Today I am broken, today I am bleeding

and today I am crying like a child.

The tears won’t stop falling like a flood of emotion

flowing steadily down my face.

I’ve tried to do what I’m supposed to do

to be healthy, to take care of me.

But nothing can stop this blistering ache

or fill the emptiness inside of me.

I’m trying to forget you, to let you go

you’re already so far gone.

I’m sure that I never even cross your mind

I didn’t when you were here.

It was easy for you to forget about me

as you lay down with her in your arms.

Yet it broke me in two and it shattered my world

and I don’t know how to fall out of love.

I hate that you can still do this to me

that my feelings are beyond my control.

I don’t even like you anymore

I can’t believe what you have done.

You can tell the story however you want

but you and I were both there.

How could you do this to me, I can’t take it,

why couldn’t you just tell me the truth?

Before you acted, before you built up,

in the perfect safety of our life.

The next life that you were going to live

then walked out and left me here.

Holding my heart in an open hand

when you handed it back to me.

Thanks for the memories, thanks for giving up

for showing me what I meant to you.  

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