Saturday, April 21, 2012

Still Trying

Missing you and everything we ever were,

ever could have been.

Missing you and loving you

and hating you at the same time.

I’m bitter, resentful, and angry

and still so broken and hurt.

I’m trying just to forget you

but I can’t make it go away.

I can’t believe how easy it was

for you to walk away.

To move on so quickly and leave me here

and expect me to know what to do.

All this talk about choices

and how they are mine to make.

I don’t understand any of it

what choice did I really have?

You handed me a decision

and my only choice was this…

Here it is accept it

you are irrelevant here.

So now I’m just trying to stay alive

as I float, adrift, set ‘free’

Freedom is a prison cell when you don’t want it

a life sentence and nothing more.

I didn’t want this, I don’t want it now

but really my heart has died.

It will no longer wish for anyone

it will be safely locked and secure.

You did it, you broke free, got away from me

I hope it was worth it for you.

That for this moment for now, until you change your mind again

that this is what you want. 

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