Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Discarding Useless Things

Perhaps I should have a rummage sale

where I sell off old, used things.

I have memories that I can give you, cheap

they only make me sad.

I have pictures of places and stories of times

that will never be remembered again.

I have laughter that died and eyes that are cold

but, I swear, they were once good as new!

I have a beaten, broken, battered heart

but I think it still kind of works.

I have compassion an unconditional love,

no guarantee on them.

I have words like ‘baby’ and ‘angel’

though they won’t last for very long.

But that’s ok, you can recycle them

and use them over and over again.

I have a ring I’ll make you a deal on

it originally came with 3 stones.

Past, present, and future

guess which one you won’t need.

There are words unspoken, dreams unfulfilled,

there are broken hearts and shattered lives.

But I know you won’t want them, neither do I

they can go in the ‘donate’ pile.

The last things left are the tears that I cried

and continue to cry for you.

I hope one day they wash over you like rain

and clear away the mess that you can’t see me through.


  1. Love the stoic humor in this, getting through despair with soul intact.

    1. owrds like baby and angel though they wont last long...i imagine you still got plenty of value, just dont sell it off cheap you know...smiles.

  2. I like your poem. It is a deep one, honest one, makes me feel. You visited my blog. I thank you for that. Yours is one of the most heart-felt poems I have read tonight. I will look for you again because I like the way you write. Thank you.

  3. think there never is a guarantee on love and most of the time it's not really unconditional..but as we go, we make the best out of it and through the cracks seeps new hope..like in your words...

  4. i like the idea of being able to so easily get rid of all those things, memories, heartbreak... and the tacit implication that, though they may not be comfortable things to live with, they do have a value... thanks for sharing this.