Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Lingering Remains

How much more pain can I feel

until I finally just explode?

Until my broken, battered body

falls lifeless to the floor.

How many more tears can I shed

before the well finally runs dry?

Before I turn to dust and blow away

and no trace of me remains.

How much more ache can I bare

until I just become quietly numb?

Until the wailing stops and the silence falls

and I can pretend that I have healed.

Things like this don’t go away

they leave a permanent stain.

A jagged scar, a phantom limb,

the memories linger through time.

I feel like I’m loitering, lingering

on the fringes of my old life.

I am waiting again, this time waiting to leave

and become a ghost in another time.

I will never be fully whole again

a piece of me has died right here.

Another broken piece in the puzzle

that will never fit together again.

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