Sunday, April 29, 2012


More alone than I have ever been

I find myself today.

Untouched, unheld, linked to nothing and no one

and bleeding from invisible wounds.

I’m trying like hell to let you go

I swear to god I am.

But the pull and the tear of this ever present ache

just keeps dragging me back again.

I’ve let go of everything I possibly can

and it never seems to be enough.

Something else happens that rips me in two

and it’s one more thing I have to give up.

People and places are becoming scarce

there seems to be nowhere that I can breathe.

I keep crawling deeper inside of myself

trying to hide the need.

I need something, I need someone,

just for a minute, a moment in time.

To touch me, to feel me, to let me feel them

to tell me I am still alive.

I am beginning to disappear

and no one will know I have gone.

Something will feel like it has changed

but everything will just move on.

There might be a memory, a word carved in stone

my name might be heard in the wind.

But time passes quickly and nothing remains

the past is simply the past.

1 comment:

  1. 3rd line from the bottom, confuses me. WOW, you have been bleeding alone again. These are beautiful, I am sorry it took me a minute. Caught up in a bubble of trouble here the last days. I love you.... keep letting it out. YOU STILL GOT IT! :)