Friday, April 6, 2012

Leaving Again

Getting ready once again to pack up my belongings

to pack them into boxes and move away from here.

To leave this place and the memories

 of the life that we once shared.

I am starting all over once again

I feel like I just did this.

I am going again to places unknown

like we did in the words of that song.

I am more alone than I have ever been

yet I still feel you as if you were here.

I am hoping that changing the scenery

will help me move away from this pain.

You are there when I sleep, there when I wake

this town should carry your name.

This was our home and this was our life

and I have to leave you behind.

I don’t know if I’ll tell you, I’m sure there is no point

I honestly doubt you would even care.

It seems it would just be some last shred of hope on my part

that you might actually feel something for me.

Someone just told me how strong I was

 for embarking on this on my own.

I had to laugh a little at that

I never had a choice.

You left me without my consideration,

 you left me without my consent.

You left me and all the decisions were yours

there was nothing I could say or do.

It would have been good to know after all of this time

that this was truly where you were.

Just don’t tell me again that it’s not about me

put some truth into some of those words.

Those pretty words that paint pictures

and wrap me up into you.

They are now the hollow and empty song

that I can’t silence in my aching heart.

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