Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Inhaling Me

~ a going away present
safe travels ~

the unknown lies ahead

in steps that have yet to be taken.

knees tremble slightly

so I sit for a moment to pause.

on the edge, at the precipice

it will all change from here.

the waiting and wondering put to the test

be careful what you wish for.

dreams dreamt in the safety and comfort

of that cavern in my mind.

where I store away fears and weave

my ever intricate tales.

spinner of yarns, crafter of webs

they are collected within my hand.

placed where I want them lying safe

under my watchful eye.

my dreams, my words, secret things

are packed intimately into these bags.

they are all that I care to take on this journey

the only truth in me.

this is faith, this is leaping

knees shaking, no matter, it’s time.

the ticking hands on the clock that won’t pause

are forcing me to play my hand.

with every belief and dream that I hold

I inhale them deep into my chest.

the infusion of them into my heart

the armor that I will need.

I look at myself in the mirror

for the last time in this place.

the next time I see myself

everything will have changed.

memorizing the shape of me

the lines that define who I am.

so that if they shift in transit

I will know where they have to return.

the mask I wear to keep me safe

is one I made by hand.

it is fragile and can be turned

easily into something else.

 so one last time and one last glance

there will be no looking back.

there is no looking over my shoulder

eyes straight ahead.
~ ~ ~
never forget who you are...




  1. So beautiful, Andrea, especially the carefully crafted mask (we all own one)...the last line the most important...honor thyself.

  2. it's brave to do such a big step out into a new place, new time, new life - wishing you all the best t. - big, big hugs...and so sensitively written andrea...

  3. smiles...we all have to be true to ourselves...

    best wishes tash
    travel light

  4. "I look at myself in the mirror

    for the last time in this place.

    the next time I see myself

    everything will have changed."

    Nicely woven, and so very true Andrea! So many things lie in wait to appear/disappear as we change places...Thanks for creating this and sharing!

    Roger ☺

  5. All the best Tasha! And lovely poem Andrea :) xoxo

  6. Breathtaking tribute!

    May the air and wind surround you in a new poetic atmosphere, Tash!

  7. Beautifully written..."this is faith, this is leaping
    knees shaking, no matter, it’s time." Such a wonderful going away gift Andrea.

    Leaving is never easy even when you are following a dream, but blessings will come in ways you won't expect. I made the journey from everything I knew when I was 30. There were tears and fear, but it was the opening door to a life I never would have lived if I had remained glued to familiar. Safe travel and delivery of dreams Tash.

  8. wishing all the best for you, strength for new challenges

    peace along the way...


  9. Ciao mi amiga. buena suerte! viva la Vida!

  10. An inspirational message written in poetic voice for your friend. This is a precious gift that lives by virtue of your carefully crafted words, Andrea. I'm certain Natasha will carry your poetic exhortation near and dear her heart.

  11. Beautiful poem, Andrea. And good luck, Natasha!

  12. Thought-provoking. Relatable. And powerful. I admire the sheer courage and determination of this piece. Fear is not ignored, it is confronted and challenged. Brilliant, Andrea. I love this.