Tuesday, July 30, 2013


there is something quietly crawling

its way up the back of my neck.

something clawing and scratching at me

something I cannot see.

it’s back there, though I can feel it

some demon~like shadowed thing.

I’m not sure if I am afraid of it yet

it’s not clear enough to name.

it quietly walks around

tapping on parts of my soul.

trying to find a way in

an opening somewhere in me.

there aren’t many places left in me

where anyone can get in.

especially not some entity

who does not have a name.

there was a time not long ago

where I left the doors open wide.

any and all were welcome

to come and stay any length of time.

the day I came home to an empty house

the walls and cupboards stripped bare.

was the day the door closed tightly

and the locks and chains put in place.

so now there is something following me

sitting in corners in wait.

some thing, some feeling I cannot describe

anticipating what?

those doors are not flying open again

the shutters have locks on them too.

there are keys but they are hard to find

and that search will take a long time.

I know where they are but I’ll never tell

those questions are all up to you.

that being that sits on my shoulder

has never said a word.




  1. its hard to open that door back open once the place has been robbed of all that made it...and its a risk...but one i def would take again...smiles.

  2. Oh, that door is a great shot, Andrea. Yeah, sometimes our necks know things that our minds don't want to admit...that creepy-crawly feeling is so revealing.

  3. I so understand this...I have something terrible that lurks in my subconscious that gives me hints, but I don't ever want to it to freely reveal itself....I just played that captcha recording and it sounds like a demon...scary

  4. I love the photo of the door, sorry i don't want to read long prose. Thank you so much for your kind comments on my site.

  5. Exquisite poem, intense and mysterious!