Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Excerpts 6

The Excerpts series are poems that I write directly from dreams. I feel that if I can remember them and the dialogue within them, there is a reason for that and so I write them here.

This story , subtitled 'Listen To A Poet's Voice' is about meeting one of my very favorite poets, Natasha Head. She has a unique and powerful voice that I find extremely inspiring. Check her out at or on Twitter @tashtoo

she sat in an overstuffed velvet chair

with notebooks spread across her lap.

pens and pencils, artist’s tools

were strewn all over the floor.

I walked into the room and sat down

on the floor in front of her.

she said, “which one is your favorite?”

I answered and she began to read.

I closed my eyes at the sound of her voice

the way it wrapped around the words.

she has lived these words and can speak them

as if they come to life with her breath.

telling tales of lives that are lived out loud

even when only whispers are heard.

she turned the pages with the sound

of a flutter of butterfly wings.

graceful and soft almost a hush

mesmerizing delicacy.

she treated the words like treasures

and held them close to heart.

pacing herself only by

the way I reacted to them.

with a hunger I listened and hung on the words

as she let them fall from her lips.

she said, “I don’t do this for everyone…

only those who can hear what I say.”

hours passed, perhaps even days

I was lost in the stories she told.

reading from the depth of her very soul

the magic just drew me in.

the time came to read the final page

in earnest she searched for the one.

the perfect ending to this moment

the words that would complete the tale.

at the turn of the page there were colors

brighter than any I’d seen.

hues that resembled a rainbow

jumping off of the page.

hit my eyes with almost a sting

and she looked at me with a wink.

we both laughed out loud for a moment

as she tore that page in two.

handed one half to me and kept one for herself

“into your pocket it goes…”

“those aren’t the ones we read out loud,

we keep them close to our hearts”.

those were the words that followed her

as she rose and left the room.


  1. Enjoyed reading, thank you for sharing!

  2. Mesmerizing! Felt like I was there listening to those beautiful words.

  3. cool. so you got to meet Tash? that would be way cool...she is an awesome person...oh wait you said it was a interaction...i like the giving you half there in the end...

  4. To meet someone you really think a lot of...even in a no small thing. I enjoyed this "meeting" very much.

  5. You have the BEST dreams! Mine are all about cleaning huge messy industrial spaces and moving house! I loved this one, kiddo - every line of it.

  6. Oh wow what an incredible experience I wasn't even present but you made me feel as though I was, very moving

  7. What a wonderful dream! And the telling of it enthralled me. (She's one whose work I enjoy too.)

  8. The beauty of this piece not only captures your admiration for Natasha's work it captures the unique beauty of your own voice. Fabulous piece!

  9. I loved reading this, as always. After a long time, though, for me. Missed your poetry. :)

  10. I dream of meeting Tash too! I feel like I have after reading your poem :-D

  11. Why can't I have dreams like this? That was amazing, Andrea! The tone, the feel, the intimate sharing. Gorgeous!

  12. very cool interaction in this...the reading, listening, the rainbow and the tearing the page apart for both of you a part to keep... and yes, tash is an awesome poet..

  13. Delightful and fun to see Tash as the character so fondly portrayed

  14. she turned the pages with the sound of a flutter of butterfly wings - I loved those lines - I could hear the page turn and I could imagine the scene. Lovely.
    Dropping by from Verse First - close to the source.