Saturday, July 13, 2013

Seeking Summer's Reprieve

Virginia Beach
the air is thick, heavy
and I can barely stand the weight of it.
it covers me like a cloak
like a fabric that has woven itself into me.
this east coast shore holds no relief
nothing seems to ease the pressure.
as evening falls and I walk to the sea
I beg her to cool my skin.
she offers me tiny waves, a weak current
and a sky full of dusky grey.
I walk to the water’s edge
naked feet yearning for the lick of a cooling wave.
a trickle, laps up onto the sand
and slowly dribbles away.
the pressure begins to build again
as thunder claps and bangs.
loud crashes and menacing booms
and a threatening lightning strike.
breathlessly I await
the imminent roaring downpour.
I look to the sky, searching,
for the break that will open wide.
I want to raise my hands and arms
as the flood pours down and quenches this ache in me.
the first sprinkles hit like kisses on my skin
anticipation peaks at the touch.
then suddenly, the clouds move, the sun winks
and the heat is upon me again.
straight to the airport I go from here
I am heading west.
to cool breezes and afternoon strolls
and not a hint of humid air.
for waves that crash with intention
of covering you in their wake.
for sand and sea and sky and stone
and a soothing like nothing else.
Laguna Beach, Ca


  1. ah, welcome back...smiles
    hope you trip west goes well...loved being by the beach with you a few moments there...i closed my eyes to hear it better and let the mist splash my face...we've been getting the storms too...grey all day....VA BEach...been there quite a bit...smiles.

  2. Have a wonderful trip to exit the humidity. I was at Laguna Beach only once, but it was nice.

  3. Quite the opposite beaches right now! Lovely how you describe waiting for the rain to pour down on you but it disappoints ;))

  4. hmmm nice...i was in california last year in november...and the beaches are just so beautiful...sigh...makes me wanna take off my shoes and jump right into the waves... have fun

  5. Interesting comparative take. Yes the Va. Beach waves and air are different than those on the Pacific brim. In Va. Beach the air comes from the south and it lingers with the southern humid tides whereas the waves in the Pacific come from the Oceans cool vastness.

    Mamasita lived in Va. Beach before she passed, sister still lives there so I've been there a few times. Used to travel to Cali. on business and had the pleasure of experiencing the ocean at various beaches.

    Gracias for this wonderful piece that brought up some fond nostalgia.
    Buena suerte in your journey west, mi amiga

  6. for waves that crash with intention
    of covering you in their wake.

    lovely, andrea. makes me want to go to my favorite beach, which is on the gulf coast.

  7. A brief bliss of rain and then humid heat again. So well captured in your words. Hope it's better out west.

  8. Beautiful poem, Andrea. I'll take the beach anywhere.

  9. Enjoy your travels, Andrea. Hope it gives you your desired relief from the East Coast heat!

  10. If you are here in Laguna, we have had a tropical condition ~ out of order for July but bringing dramatic surf. Go to Splashes (Surf and Sand Bar downstairs) and have a tall mint iced tea.

  11. ah, once the heat is gone, we miss it dearly. beautifully written - love the anticipation building throughout, yet the relief never comes... great suspense...

  12. the shore break has been significant the last few weeks - definitely they 'crash with intention'...

  13. You certainly convey that heat, and the longing for relief!