Monday, July 8, 2013

Emotion Unresolved

for me, you are always going to be

the dream that I can’t wake up from.

creeping in as night falls upon me

and dancing away at dawn.

you will always be magic in my memory

because that’s all you ever were.

something that I could not understand

that I could only feel.

your voice will always linger

on the edges of my mind.

singing to me of passion and faith

and whispering comforting sounds.

you will always bring a smile

that lights me up from inside.

you made me laugh with a genuine innocence

and look forward to waking each day.

you made me feel alive

like I had not felt in years.

I wanted to write every word

that existed in the world for you.

you challenged me to think in ways

that I had not ever considered.

and pushed me to create outside of the walls

I had built around myself.

you flattered me with your attention

and it was a beautiful thing to feel.

wanted and needed and necessary

I was moved to sing for you.

words that came from my heart

I just wanted you to know.

that you had touched me and changed me

it was really as simple as that.

I thought that I had fallen in love

with you and who you are.

but I was never given the chance to see

if any of it was real.

now you are gone and I will never know

this is all just a memory now. 

for me you are and will always be

 emotion unresolved.


1 comment:

  1. Some of the gifts that others share with us will always remain even if they do not...even after the wounds have turned to scars.