Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Today was the last and the first day

in the story of our life.

Today was the last time that I will ever

hold you close to me.

Today was the first day

that I begin again to call you by name.

Today was the last day of a life

that we spent years building together.

Today was the first day, the first step

in learning to live alone.

Today was the day the rings came off

and got put away in boxes.

Today was the first day in a very long time 

that I am in a room alone.

Today is the days our hearts our breaking

the day that tears flow like the rain.

Today is the day we learn how to be strong

and see what tomorrow brings.

Today is the day I surrender

to the dream that you’ll change your mind.

Today is the day I try to decide

what kind of life I am going to find.

Today is the first day of all of this

and the last day of all that was.

Today my heart is broken

tomorrow I will try again.

*dVersepoets.com OpenLinkNight – Week 26 *


  1. Stark, naked and powerful. Nothing cliched or overdone here. Just great. If it's autobiographical, I hope this helps. If not, then you're an even better writer than I thought.

  2. Sad and powerful. Such emptiness when a relationship is over and you want it to be all that it had been. Sorry.

  3. Just so full of pain with perhaps of tinge of hope or maybe anticipation. It seems like life is a series of new beginnings.

  4. Truy out there for all to view, sad but so dawns a new day, nice verse.

  5. today was the first day i called you by your name...that stung just a bit...def heavy emotion your voice tonight but also another side to this....a beginning....

  6. I see strength in this surrender to a parting of ways, and a hint that tomorrow will come to pass.
    Painful to read but so very relevant.

  7. oh, yes, as long as we keep trying today, tomorrow will actually take care of itself.

  8. Too real! I could feel the old pain all over again. Nice write.


  9. What a poignant and yet hopeful write. This reminds me of a quote by TS Eliot, 'What we call the beginning is often the end. And to make an end is to make a beginning. The end is where we start from.'

  10. This is very sad. All endings are beginnings, and you will go somewhere from here. I wish you a good beginning on your journey.