Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Listen for it

Did you recognize the sound of your voice

the first time you spoke out loud?

Did the tone and the timbre scare you to death

when you actually heard the words?

Did it sound like a language you’d never heard

did the worlds fall clumsily off your tongue?

Did you hear them as they echoed through the depths of your soul

and wish that they could be withdrawn?

Once released into the whispering wind

it takes on a life of its own.

Whether spoken or scrawled into lines on a page,

living and breathing cannot be ignored.

What are the words I keep hearing

in the faint yet lingering breeze?

Can I distinguish them as something tangible,

dare I call them by name?

Words have the power to move mountains

a voice to change a life.

From feeling and distant to lingering hope

it will soon demand you speak its name.

Listen carefully and listen hard

listen for what can’t be heard.

The heart will speak, it may whisper or scream

what will you do when you hear?

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