Sunday, January 22, 2012


This morning we embraced

through a kiss drenched in tears.

Surrounded by our life packed into boxes

we parted and said goodbye.

Tonight I returned and crossed the threshold

of the home that we once made.

As I stood within the hollow rooms

I fell to my knees and wept.

This is the sum of the parts of a life

that have been dismantled and taken away.

You have gone your way and I will go mine

and the echoes in these rooms will fade.

Your face is everywhere, your voice in the hall

as I wrap up the final details.

There is no record of the life that we shared

but the memories that will surely fade.

For five more days I will grieve by the grave

of the love that has been laid to rest.

Then I will leave this place and embark on my own

trying to move forward in spite of the past.

I didn’t want this, and I don’t want it now

these choices were not made by me.

So I’ll pick up my bags and my small array of things

and put one foot in front of the next.

I’ll pass through the door on the way out of our life

reaching out to open the next.

I’ll learn to walk again on my own

and one day this will just be the past.

*For    Poetics: B ¦ O ¦ R ¦ D ¦ E ¦ R ¦ S  *


  1. a life packed into's hard to stand in that place and you described the emptiness well.. but also the new blossoms and possibilities in learning to walk again..

    1. have really written some hard emotions your last couple writes...and seeing the life you made gone...its a hard feeling even without th heartbreak...i have packed boxes far too much...