Friday, January 13, 2012

Friday the 13th (of course)

There are no words to describe this

no possible way that I could convey this feeling.

The emptiness is harrowing

all-encompassing and trying to bury me.

There are shadows and whispers and voices

that are cat-calling and taunting.

There is little to no light guiding me anywhere

today there is simply darkness covering me.

This is the time for breaking,

coming unbound at the seams.

A time for weeping through the night

and trying to breathe yourself through the day.

This a time for bleeding,

from the cracks upon your heart.

A time to stop pretending

that everything will be fine.

Today nothing is fine and I’m allowed that,

I’m allowed to pound my fists into the wall.

 Today is a day of scraping my knees across the floor

and today is only half over, rescue me.

Soon there will be more decisions to make

more places to sign names on dotted lines.

And that hour is fast approaching,

here we go.

How did I end up here

in this empty room again?

And how do I believe 

that it’s not about me?

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