Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Today I woke at 3 am

my eyes would not stay closed.

The tears fell like water coming from an open stream

I couldn’t do anything but let them.

They continued throughout the length of this day

the day that won’t seem to end.

This is the last day, the end of so many things

when it is gone, I will wish for its return.

Today was the first day I felt it

that we are no longer we.

That I am I and you are you

and the distance between us now grows.

I am now the stranger

I exist outside of your walls.

I am the shadow that lurks at the window

and will forever be the one looking in.

As I walk up the stairs to this new home of my own

as I close the door on our life.

A part of me will stay here where we lived

and will remember for all of time.

I don’t know when I will see you again

or if ever our paths will cross.

As you chase down the shadows that led you away

I hope you find what you’re looking for.

I will go my way and you will go yours

and these years will fade to memory.

I will hear you call me angel in the soft gentle breeze

and I will let the tears fall where they may.

* For  OpenLinkNight ~ Week 27 *


  1. A sad poem that I hope healed much of your pain saying.

    1. dang...hard...and i hope after today you begin to rise once more...i know you will never forget but...

  2. I can definitely feel the sadness throughout your poem. Some broken things don't mend as we hoped.

  3. Well, this is something that i can relate to very much... its powerful and emotional... and I could see the shadows on the windows looking in... too.
    Thanks for sharing this heartfelt emotions...


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