Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Sit Still

How do you move through something you don’t want

how do you accept decisions that you did not make?

How do you reach the place where the pain doesn’t paralyze you

how do you find yourself able to breathe?

There is so much noise, so much language

the voices are having their day.

So many questions, so many opinions

but none of them have anything to say.

Nothing is telling me how to move

or telling me what I should do.

Nothing is giving me comfort

or respite from this pain.

I am using this time to walk through it

to lay down in the middle and mourn.

A little time, a few days left

until I have to return to the world.

The sun is too bright and the light hurts my eyes

old voices are calling my name.

The images of dangerous places

are trying to entice me again.

It’s time to sit still and be silent

don’t make any hasty moves.

Feel it, you’ve never done this before

soon you will know what to do.

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