Thursday, January 19, 2012

She Wore My Heart

She wore my heart

on a chain around her neck.

And now as I stand here in disbelief,

she is handing it back to me.

It was just too much for her to hold

too much for her to keep.

It is broken and bleeding as it leaves her hands

and pieces are falling to the floor.

I gave her all of me freely

with belief and simple blind faith.

But once my heart left the cradle of my arms

I could no longer keep it safe.

Once you give it away its not yours anymore,

you have placed it in someone else’s care.

They can take it or leave it, do what they will

or give it back to you with both hands.

So now I am picking up pieces

of my broken heart from the floor.

Filling up buckets and putting in my pockets

the pieces that are too small to hold.

I am making promises to my heart

to keep it warm through night.

To feed it when it hungers, to hear it when it cries

to keep it safely locked up inside.

I will never give it away again

recklessly or otherwise.

I will tend to it daily and nurse it back to health

this time it nearly died.

*Submitted to

dVerse Meeting the Bar: Imagism *


  1. That opening is fantastic... I really enjoyed this piece.

  2. ugh...felt...we give our heart away and all too often it gets beaten and bruised and we make promises...but i do hope in time they are able to give it once more to someone they can trust...

  3. You write so close the breath and pulse of things, it is very affective reading.

  4. PS I do wish you'd not write on top of the blog image. The first parts of the poem are almost impossible to read.

    1. Thank you Charles~ How do you view the blog? I notice when I use my phone I have that same problem but from an actual computer there are no issues with the image. I want to be as impactful as possible.

  5. it's always a risk and we know when we do..everything can happen...sad when it breaks cause someone just don't cares enough...well captured emotions here andrea

  6. This poem is an apt representation of how it feels to give your heart to someone and then to be betrayed. If I didn't know that feeling by experience, I would have a good sense of it after reading this.