Sunday, January 22, 2012

Getting dirty

Crawling on hands and knees

through the muck and the mire.

Weaving my way through sticks and stones

and the things that break hearts.

Holding on to nothing now

hope has been cast off.

She lies helplessly on the ground

as I kick my way through the dust.

I am digging in with cracked hands and bleeding fingers

remembering word for word and act for act.

In this part of the story I will make you the villain

because I need the distance to survive.

All I ever did was love you

and believe with you in your dreams.

When you were broken, I held the pieces,

when you were torn I held you close.

You fell down so far through those moments in time

that I could not find you for days on end.

Yet I kept you and waited until you returned

and gave you a place to land.

You left me for ages and I carried on through

keeping the wheels spinning ever ahead.

You forgot to tell me when you had returned

 I was still wearing armor to keep me safe.

You never really came back to me

but went looking for something shiny and new.

While I waited and wondered when my time would come

instead of realizing it never would.

I feel used and forsaken and left here for dead

taken for all that I had.

What did you ever want from me

it’s something I’ll never know.

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