Monday, January 23, 2012

Crying again

Today I woke up crying again

as I have every day for weeks.

Sleep evades me, my stomach turns

and my heart has shattered like glass.

My worst fear has come to pass

I am completely alone.

You have made your choices and said your goodbyes

and left me here on my own.

I am scared, I am broken, I am falling apart

nothing can ease this pain.

You fell out of love, it seems, a long time ago

and I thought we were working through things.

You walked away with ease and grace

you’ll never again look back.

If you did you’d see me standing here

trying to find my way out.

Screaming and scratching and clawing my way

to a place where this pain will cease.

Running from demons and ghosts in the night

who want to make it easy for me.

Dreaming of sharp things with shiny steel blades

of bottles with translucent light.

They could take me from here and numb all this pain

they could warm me throughout these long nights.

I don’t understand why you needed to leave

why I wasn’t worth the fight.

Whatever you’re chasing, whatever you need

I hope it is worth what you lost.

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