Friday, May 4, 2012

Turning A Page

Don’t let the memories dazzle you

or take you from this moment in time.

The words distract, and intention confused,

could take you right back there again.

You’re walking on hallowed ground

where sacrifices were made in blood.

Stained pages and aching howls released

a lost soul wandering, found a home.

I fell in love with you there in that place

so many long, long years ago.

The ghosts of those feelings are lingering

trying to take me away from here.

I heard them last night take over my thoughts

but would not let them take over my words.

I sat here silently counseling myself

that this is not the place to land.

You were magic to me in those days

we were both so very young.

I had stars in my eyes and dreams made of clouds

and you were already so weary and tired.

You had learned something that kept you far from me

yet I loved from that very first day.

Now years later and entire lifetimes lived

I want to walk into that feeling again.

I want to let it take me away

from the pain that is eating me alive.

From this lonely room and the life that I have lost

in the memories I want to run away and hide.

Maybe it’s the safety of the familiar

I still know who you are.

You never promised anything you could not give

yet loved me openly in spite of yourself.

I need to keep this heart bound tightly

and listen to it weave it’s tales.

Then tell it tenderly to let the illusions go

they were never even real.

There is no magic answer, no simple way out,

this part of me will always be broken,

You cannot save me, nor can I save myself

I just have to let the tales be told.

1 comment:

  1. you're right. I never promised more than I could give. without conditions, I loved you, and, I love you still. but you're wrong to not believe. there IS magic in you and me. the stories have to be told, but not without 1st, bearing our souls. 'there' is where the magic lies... dormant and blurry, behind those tired and weary eyes.
    eyes that now you too can see. it was never that 'you weren't good enough' it is and has always been me.
    illusions aside, the love was real. so much in fact, the years stood still. I was always there and to this day, on hallowed ground you will stay.
    let it surface, let it bleed. let me in if that's what you need. I will not turn blind eyes to pain, the blood we shared was NOT a stain...
    it is a promise, dear friend.
    YOU are the magic, I only pretend.