Sunday, May 13, 2012

Trying to find an end

The place I knew I’d end up

inevitable result.

I’ve fallen deep into the well

and I can’t find my way out.

I’m buried under wishes,

the weight of hopes and dreams.

The ones that fell here when they died

nowhere else to go it seems.

I didn’t mean to stay here

just a stop along the way.

As I moved through this to somewhere else

but I can’t get there today.

I’m stuck here rhyming words

they run rampant through my mind.

I can’t quiet them or ease their wailing ache

I can’t leave them silently behind.

I’m trying to feed the poet’s soul

yet move ahead with grace.

Those things don’t seem to coincide

and leave me bleeding in this place.

I’ve lost my way here many times

I’ve fallen on this road.

Fell victim to the weight of this pain

and the burden of this load.

I can’t carry it any further

I don’t want to hurt anymore.

But the cuts and bruises and this burning ache

have left me empty and sore.

The worth in me has gone

the belief that I can survive.

The fact that I somehow deserve this

has me fighting just to stay alive.

You’re supposed to get what you give

and I gave everything I had.

And now I am here with nothing left

but myself, tired, weary and sad. 

There is nothing to give, nothing to get

I don’t want anything anymore.

Just to get to the place where this story will end

and I can forever close this door.

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