Saturday, May 12, 2012

No Trace Of What I've Lost

It’s all about me isn’t it

and the nothing that I’ve become.

Disappeared and faded away

in the shadow of who I’ve loved.

There is nothing left of me here

just memories of you.

Tears and loneliness and a broken heart

and a terror I can’t explain.

I’m lost, I’m broken, I’m beaten down

I’m in pieces on the floor.

I just want to fall in and fade away

I want nothing anymore.

I always loved with a pure heart

with all that I had to give.

I’ve loved at the expense of myself

and they always walk away.

What have I done again this time

to drive you away from me?

To send you running into someone else’s arms

to make you lie to me.

I don’t understand what happened

and why it always does.

Why I am so completely alone

with no trace left of what I’ve lost.

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