Saturday, May 5, 2012


Something in me is forever changed

and it’s not who I want to be.

An innocence has been lost

it will never again live here.

The things I believed in were taken

the things I loved all gone.

Replaced with rage and anger and fear

and decisions of who was wrong.

I am different now, I rarely smile

at least not from the inside.

I move through the day just trying to breathe

it’s not even possible to hide.

The loss, the change, the missing pieces

the things that are now just gone.

The anger, the vicious hate that I feel

I just want to leave and move on.

I hate you, I do, what you did to me

I hate how much I believed.

I am sick and disgusted at the thought

 of you and where you now live.

Does it ever even cross your mind

the things that you took from me?

Do you understand the depth, the breadth, the consequence

I doubt it, just so long as you are now free.

 I hope freedom is all it’s cracked up to be

that the payoff was worth the cost.

I’m sure it is for you but don’t forget me

I am broken and beaten and lost.

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