Thursday, May 10, 2012


I am becoming hard and jagged

rough with edges ripped and torn.

I am becoming bitter and cold as steel

hollow, barren, worn.

There is nothing close to light within me

nothing warm and comforting to say.

There is nothing sacred, nothing pure

I’m damaged and I feel it all today.

Everything is gone and everything in me shaken

off balance, dizzy, unable just to stand.

Everything is broken and the pieces keep disappearing

they are sharp and I can’t hold them in my hands.

So I kick them along the dirty ground as I walk by

hoping they will end up where I go.

I’m bound to end up losing some of me along the way

who I am becoming, I don’t know.

It’s quiet here, it’s lonely, it’s not healthy

for anyone to spend this much time alone. 

But I have nothing to give, it’s all been taken from me

I don’t even have a place I can call home.

If you see me passing by, don’t be frightened

you probably wouldn’t recognize me anyway.

I barely know my own face when I look in the mirror

I’m scared I’ll never find myself again.

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