Saturday, May 12, 2012

Thinking more of the same

Each day the pieces become smaller

and blow away in the breeze.

They flutter and float

and glide slowly onto the ground.

Each day there is less and less

of me that I recognize.

I’m tired and weary

and I really just want to go.

Go anywhere, anyplace,

as long as it’s not here.

Just go and keep on moving

without ever looking back.

I want to run but I can’t run fast enough

want to scream but my voice won’t come.

I want to do anything

 to stop feeling this pain.

I don’t want to miss you or mourn you or need you

I want to make it go away.

I want to just turn it off and leave it

the way you did.

To be so easily replaced, so easily forgotten

is something no one should ever have to feel.

To be left alone without a word or a thought

as to whether or not you’re alive.

It’s so sad that you reinforced everything

I knew before I met you.

The things you swore that you would change

and that you would make me believe.

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