Sunday, February 26, 2012

Recurring Dreams

Last night I woke up twice

to the sound of the ringing phone.

And then I woke when I heard your voice

as you stood in the door of my room.

In the final attempt I made at sleep

I just heard you knock on my door.

None of these things really happened

I just can’t stop dreaming they will.

I loved you from the first time I met you

though I knew you couldn’t be mine.

With that sweet smile and your sparkling eyes

I knew that the time was not ours.

Then one day things were different

and you shyly knocked at my door.

In the masked words of taking a risk

you said the words I never dreamed I would hear.

That was such a long time ago

and time has drastically changed.

You have gone away on to someone else

and you took my heart when you left.

The whole of my heart has broken

my dreams have all gone and died.

But the parts of me that met you that day

doesn’t know how to let go of that love.

So each night I do the work I should do

I read the books and I write the words.

I counsel my soul that it must accept this fate

and I repeatedly say those words.

Let it go and let it be,

you have moved on and let me go.

Yet each night I wake up all night long

to the sounds of you coming home.

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