Friday, February 3, 2012

You left...

If only there were something to fight for

I would raise my weapon high and forge into battle

If only there were something I could do

I would spend my life trying to do it

I gave you everything that I had

all of me, and nothing less

But nothing I could do can change this now

and I am left with your decision

The choice to leave was yours alone

we weren’t even worth the fight

For something intangible you walked away

I hope someday you find what that is

I thought we were in this together

that our life was what we wanted

Until your attentions lead you down different roads

and you chose to walk away

You left me with a worn and weary heart

and a soul bleeding blood red tears

You left me in silence and I can’t hear you now

I can’t bear the sound of your words

You’ve gone off in search of peace and faith

of freedom and something more

I hope if you find it, you recognize it

I gave you all  of that and so much more

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