Thursday, February 9, 2012 nice

How nice that the dragon stopped breathing fire

when you bought her one that could talk.

How nice for the girl that could not twirl

that you bought her a brand new dress.

How nice for all the ‘remember when’s”

in a little album you left where I could see.

How nice that now you can ‘love and want’

now that you are free.

I’m so glad that I was the most important thing

that you had in your life.

Can you imagine what being the least would have felt like?

Probably a lot like this.

How nice that you no longer have to live

these separate and divided lives.

How nice that I no longer have to see it

written out on the screen.

How nice that all you needed was someone to believe

that you could make the right choices.

How nice that I did and I gave you everything

and you threw it back at me.

How nice that I had to come to the point

of stealing the answers I needed.

How nice will it be when all that I know

doesn’t hurt me ever again?

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