Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Last Goodbye

Today we said goodbye again

I think that this was the last time

We can’t keep doing this to each other

I can’t keep doing this to me

I gave you everything and I’d do it again

if it had only been enough

I’d give you the blood as it left my veins

but it never would have been enough

You said that all you needed

was for someone to believe

To believe in you and the choices you’d make

I gave it and you took it away

You made a fool of me for trusting

and you only told when I broke the trust in you

You took advantage of me and the belief that I had

and now she is the confidante you seek

You speak polite words and “PC” lines

while I lay my heart at your feet

You can’t show me any part of your heart

for fear that you might want to come home

I would open the door to you willingly

if I ever thought you wanted to be here

All I can remember is you trying to hide

and to get away from me

This is the last time we’ll say goodbye

the last time we need to talk

I’ll miss you forever and hold you in my heart

you are the last love I will ever let in

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