Thursday, February 9, 2012


Standing close to the edge teetering

somewhere between reality and becoming unhinged.

There is little distance from one to the next

little space between crazy and me.

I’ve fallen below the surface

 of the place where I wanted to stand.

Fallen between the cracks in the floor

and I’m lying stretched out on the ground.

Prostrate, arms extended, surrendering to the pain

feel it and bathe in its flood.

Hold nothing inside, let it flow from the wound

soon there’ll be nothing left to let go.

The sputter and cough as the engine starts to die

as it rolls in on its very last breath.

I’ve made it here to the place where I fell down

and now I have to build it all again.

Rebuild my heart, rebuild my soul,

from a trust and a faith destroyed.

Rebuild belief that I can move forward from this

and the idea that I will ever be home again.

Connected to nothing and no one

discontent, disenchanted, disdain.

Dangling from the broken hinge

pieces that may not fit together again.

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