Monday, February 13, 2012

Venting angry words

So you’re already doing it aren’t you

leaning in to her?

Blissfully down the path that lead you

away from me to her.

Why did you waste so much time

saying pretty words to me?

Telling me stories to make me believe

that this was not about her?

I believed in you when you told me

that all you needed was a chance.

For someone to believe that you were not

who everyone thought you were.

Even when you were being judged for your actions

you turned to me for support.

I held you and trusted and gave you solace

and you turned and ran into her arms.

I wish you would have just told me the truth

and what you intended to do.

I wouldn’t have wasted  so many tears

on the lies you so beautifully told.

You know what you’re doing, you know what you’ve done,

how can you sleep at night?

Oh that’s right, that acceptance you so fully believe in

and no consequence for what you’ve done.

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