Sunday, February 5, 2012

3 am

The nights are getting longer, the silence growing deeper

and my nemesis, 3 am, is up to her old tricks again

She has me pacing the floor and walking in circles

and turning on lights in the dark

She whispers loudly yet speaks gibberish

she bring her friends over to play in the night

She is treacherous and devilish, with skills greater than mine

and she is trying to drive me mad

I know all the tricks of this battle

I know how to keep myself safe

How to reach out, who to reach to, and what to believe

but this time I’m too tired to play

She has beaten me tonight, exhausted me

and I sit here and wail out her name

3 am you’ve won tonight

tomorrow I’ll come back to play again

We will fight this war and stage these battles

over and over again

Until one day I emerge victorious

and reclaim the strength that you’ve taken

You haunt me with ghosts of days gone by

you know my secrets as if they were your own

But 3 am, I’m not giving in

rest up, tonight could be very long

*For    The Object is Poetics


  1. very cool...def a unique take on this...the object being a time that def has some control...or fight in it...i know exactly what you are saying though...was a long night in which i watched the hours last night...

  2. Interesting, personifying a time. I've always identified with 5 o'clock in the morning, myself.