Sunday, February 19, 2012

In A Tower On High

From life, from love, from everything

she is locking herself away.

Up steps made of stone to a tower on high

she turns the locks and buries the key.

She has taken a vow to silence her heart

to quiet the ache and the need.

She has denied all chance of risk or threat

she’ll never again let anyone in.

She has chosen this room perched high above the earth

surrounded by walls made of stone.

Beneath rough blue skies thick with clouds

and the ever present threat of storm.

You will rarely catch a glimpse of her

perhaps on a moonlit night.

Or as her shadow slips by the window

in the candle lit glow of her room.

She is quietly dreaming and spinning yarns

she is telling tales of where she has been.

She weaves magic and illusion onto pages unread

until such time as she can once again let them go.

She is all she has now

as another dream was cast away.

She held too tightly and she loved too deep

with an emptiness she tends her broken heart.

She lived in this tower long ago

and knew better than to let her feet descend the steps.

Yet she was caught by the magic and the mystery

of those shining, sparkling eyes.

As she turns away for the last time

and begins her final ascent.

The clouds blow by revealing the bright blue sky

and she takes the memories with her up the stairs.

*For   Poetics – Visual-eyes-ing *
Based on this photo by Reena Walkling


  1. such sadness and loneliness behind these thick tower walls... it takes a lot of courage to leave these walls which bring some sort of comfort and security on one hand..on the other are a prison and make things worth...very nicely penned andrea

  2. this one def leaves me sad...i hate for anyone to lock themselves away like is def a risk and it hurts so much at times...but if we give up on it...what do we really have left?

  3. woww this poem really spoke to me excellent poem, 2 thumbs up! :)