Friday, February 3, 2012

Erasing Memories~

I need to erase you from my memory

from the walls and windows and the places that you linger

I need to delete you from my dreams

from the imaginings and wonderings that I cannot seem to let go

I need to be free of this pain of this ache

of this endless wanting and waiting

I need to be somewhere else

until the last of this pain goes away

This is the first time for feeling things, sober

with nowhere to run to and hide

The first time I’ve walked in the light of the day

with a ragged heart chained to my side

I need to chase you out of my dreams

they are haunting me now through the night

In them you wear a demon’s face

and do everything to tear me apart

These are my battles, my wars to wage

it’s not about you anymore

You simply brought vividly back to life

what I thought I had laid to rest 

The fear that forever I will live life alone

that I will never ever be enough

That I love others too much and myself not enough

that I bring broken things back to life

I don’t know how to do it any other way

how to give any less of myself

But I think this is the last time I will walk down that road

or give my heart to anyone else

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