Saturday, February 4, 2012

Broken Sleep

Broken sleep, fragmented dreams

I wake up hour after hour in tears

Long nights, with nowhere to run

the rest of the world dreams in peace

I miss you my love, your eyes, your smile

the heat of you lying next to me

I miss your laugh, I miss your face, I miss your beauty

I miss how it felt to love you

You’re a simple ten miles across this small town

but you are now a full lifetime away

Looking for something about which you can feel

the way that I feel about you

The hardest thing now is that I can’t even see you

or hear the sound of your voice

I don’t want to know how you’re doing alone

I don’t want to know where you’ve gone

In six months’ time I’ll be gone from this place

starting all over again

In some strange place, some new life

and I’ll surely never see you again

I guess this was what you wanted

your freedom, your life on your own

I just wish I had wanted the same thing too

as I embark on this journey alone

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