Thursday, March 1, 2012

Distorted Reflection

I’ve stopped looking into mirrors

my reflection no longer shows.

There seems to be a line drawn

down through the center of me.

One side is familiar, vaguely

I’d know her if we passed on the street.

I’d touch her hand, and hold her close

and recall how we were once friends.

The other side is shadowed and hollow

and lurking around in the dark.

With a voice that is hoarse and broken

spewing venomous words from its mouth.

I am torn apart in the battle

they are tearing me limb from limb.

My demons are fighting my angels

weapons for destruction in hand.

I am reeling and spiraling and coming undone

as the battle within rages on.

From the outside you’d never know it

but inside I am bloody and worn.

Every thought comes to me in images

pictures, tattered and torn.

Images thoughts and scattered words

represent nothing anymore.

I am losing connection to places,

to people, to things, to me.

As half of me stands here bleeding and raw

and the other half can’t find its way home.

*For    Translucent Poetics: Writing Spoken Word


  1. Wow! Really powerful stuff. This drew me in immediately and kept me there. So good job with momentum. I could hear it. Thanks for sharing!

  2. This is one of those hold your breath poems. And I did.

  3. you capture these inner fights well..sometimes hard to connect these broken pieces again...hope you manage..

  4. Wow, you definitely have shown the workings of the mind, thoughts feuding with thoughts, feelings with feelings. I hope that the way 'home' is found! Powerful stuff here.

  5. def full of emotion....and love the end...i have been there...that split between wanting to go home but....its all a big swirl in the storm of the interior....