Saturday, March 31, 2012

It Goes On

How many ways can you lie to yourself

to keep the pain from tearing you apart?

Are there words are there whispers are there memories

just to allow you to breathe?

Do you remember the person that you once loved

would you know them now in the light?

Or would you pass each other on a crowded street

like two strangers who’ve never met?

I feel sick, I feel lost, I feel broken and torn

at the thought of who you’ve become.

Did I ever even know you at all

I can’t remember any part of our life.

You are far away now with the one that you wanted

you just couldn’t wait to leave.

Chasing something you never even knew that you had

if only you’d looked to see.

I gave you too much, gave you all that I had

a mistake I will never make again.

There is so much regret, so much pain I can’t bear

I can’t wait to leave this place.

I want to run and kick and rage and scream

but there is no one here to hear.

I want to be done with this hurt and this ache

but it just keeps coming up again.

I wish I’d never met you, wish I’d never seen

that smile that stole my soul.

I wish I could forget you, wish that I was free

wish that I could salvage my heart.


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