Thursday, March 8, 2012


I can feel it slowly creeping in

becoming the silent definition of who I am.

I am detaching, and separating myself from anyone else

I am distancing and crawling inside.

I don’t want anything, anyone, to be anywhere

I want to sit alone with myself and mourn.

I am falling and fading and can’t seem to give a damn

nothing is keeping me here.

I am broken and bruised and bitter and cold

I am distant and quiet and forlorn

I am sad and frustrated, in a state of disbelief

I can’t accept what has happened to me.

This whole thing has taken me down to my knees

stripped away all of the strength that I had.

I am numbing this pain that I can’t take anymore

and I am falling away as I do.

There is nothing here but me and the sounds of silence

nothing has become all I am.

I can’t see the light that I am told will come

and I’m so tired of fighting to stay engaged.

I am heartless now as mine was ripped away

the hole where it was is empty and hollow.

There is nothing within me but the spiral of this pain

and trying to figure out what I did wrong.

There is so much more than the loss of you

which in itself is almost too much to bear.

There is the loss of the entire life that I had planned

and all that I had worked for in myself to become.

How does one begin again

when everything has gone away?

Spirit and heart stripped down to a bloody pulp

disconnected and cast astray.

I can’t find myself in this emptiness

or the core of who I once was.

When I all that wanted and loved is gone

and I have been so easily replaced.

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