Thursday, March 8, 2012


Today is the first time I’ve been back here

since I got the message that we had to talk.

This quaint little downtown promenade

full of shops and cobblestone streets.

I used to love to come here

with a book or by myself just to sit.

Sit and think as I watched the people walk

sit and try to get myself centered again.

As I drove through town I tried to avoid

the places where you work and live.

Yet the streets were closed and forced me to turn

as I passed right through your world.

I haven’t been back here either

where I used to go every day.

To take you home from work every evening

I thought it was home to me.

My breath comes fast as I park the car

and walk across the street.

The ghosts are literally everywhere

shaking the strength out of me.

Tears are coming randomly

I remember everything from that day.

I left the theater and got the text

and my life was forever changed.

I’d put you on a train for a few days

to go and visit a friend.

Yet apparently you’d gone to find a way

to say your last goodbye.

You couldn’t wait until you got home

to tell me face to face.

So in six minutes, six years ended

and there was nothing left to say.

This is no longer a special place for me

and I am trying to breathe through the pain.

But it’s too hard and I have to walk back to the car

where the memories and tears flow like rain.

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