Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Today you were stronger than fear

today you were stronger than pain.

Today you fought demons head on

today you laid down your arms.

Today seemed like it would simply be too much

more than you and all that you’ve become.

Today you were afraid and you were alone

and today you kept counsel for yourself.

Tonight you get to challenge yourself again

because you were strong enough today.

Although you took shelter from the brightness of the sun

you are safe and sound and stronger once again.

Today you can be proud of who you are

and take comfort in who you will soon become.

Today you simply listened to all that needed to be heard

and you can tell the story proudly to yourself.

You are more than this, more than what has come to pass

more than what the cards have dealt to you.

It’s time for you to wager all you’re holding in your hand

no one will know if you’re bluffing, except you.


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