Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Just a dream...

You and I have been broken

you and I have been torn.

You and I have had our hearts, still beating

ripped out of our chests.

We had them handed back to us

as if they could be used and then returned.

We both have listened to lies

and have had to learn to live again.

Last night we entered rooms

where there were people that we knew.

Faces, young and old

and those we had never seen.

It was like we were set up for the challenge

to share what we have come to know.

With people who were tempting fate

and didn’t want to hear a word.

We sat near a tv where John Hughes movies played

and talked in metaphors.

We talked to each other and if no one else heard

we didn’t really care the lessons were for us.

We walked into a kitchen where children stood near a stove

being told repeatedly “no”!

They wanted to see if the surface was hot

and we watched them as they got burned.

No one told them why

they only told them no.

I guess they thought the scars

 would help them learn from their mistakes.

We went to a place where people were rude

and treated us with disrespect.

And for the first time, I spoke

I said no, you cannot, get away from me.

We continued to walk down hallways, through doors

witnessing all manner of things.

Danger, tragedy, anger and pain

and we silently took it in.

Then near the end we sat back down

and began our conversation again.

One by one, we shared our thoughts

on all we had seen and heard.

We suddenly noticed the room had filled

with everyone we had seen.

Listening quietly to us speak our minds

that’s when I knew it was a dream.

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