Friday, August 3, 2012

A day of me

Today there are a mix

of things tucked away in my bag.

Today there are celebrations

and there are things that hurt.

I achieved success today

in a challenge I set for myself.

In a goal that I set forth

to change the way I feel.

I changed my life, my size, my shape

I changed my own existence.

I actually look like a different person

than I used to be.

I am stronger and healthier

and let’s just say it, thinner.

I can run faster and farther

and accomplish things that I never could before.

Today is a day of memories too

as yesterday ‘I got mail’.

I got a message from your mother

and we haven’t spoken for months.

She told how much she missed me

how she still didn’t understand.

But that I would always be considered

a part of the family that is ‘no longer mine’.

She told how much she thought of me

and thanked me for loving you.

She said she could not lose me

that I mattered too much to her.

It rips and tears at the strings of my heart

when I think about how much I lost.

How do you stay friends with your ex’s mom

when the ex did to me what you’ve done?

It’s nice to hear the words that she wrote

nice to know how much she cares.

And in spite of all that happened

that who I am was seen.

So today I’m going to find the good

in those words and hold it close.

And I’m going to celebrate my victory

and be proud of what I have done.

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