Tuesday, September 4, 2012


Things just keep moving don’t they

nothing affects change.

Nothing stops the spinning world

or the moving forward of time.

I can’t believe that this is still real

and that nine months have passed.

Now my life is starting again

but not without thoughts of you.

I believed for so long that you loved me

and had just made that mistake.

That you would return with apologies

and take me back into you.

The truth is I was never there from the start

not the way you were in me.

You don’t love the way I do

you are selfish and just running blind.

I’m accepting now the reality

of how wrong I truly was.

It’s sobering, really, what blind faith can do

and how it takes away all that you are.

I hope that one day you will see

the things that I saw in you.

Instead of the things that you won’t admit

and take responsibility for.

I’ll miss you in my new life

as I miss you now every day.

But I deserve better and will let this all go

I will not miss you anymore someday...

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