Saturday, September 8, 2012

Getting Stronger

Today, it’s cardio day

but I’m trying to wake up first.

Let myself take in the feelings

of this slightly cloudy day.

I woke up sad and mournful

as I do so many days.

But I won’t let it take me

down that road again.

I’ve come so far

running down that trail.

Or that treadmill, or bike,

or walking up those stairs.

Those endless stairs

that come from and go to nowhere.

But some days I feel like they’ll

take me away from here.

I’ve walked and biked

and run off 55 lbs.

Sometimes it feels

like I’ve lost the weight of the world.

Today when I walk those stairs I’ll be imagining

 the new brand new life about to start for me.

In a few weeks I’ll be running next to the ocean

and be seeing things I’ve never seen before.

The only thing that will remain the same

is the way I look down at my shoes when I run.

I watch for balance and keeping an even stride

and listen to my breath to keep an even pace.

I’ve been walking and running

 and building strength for months now.

Preparing for the next phase

and the beginning of my life.

Completely alone and staring all over again

I am strong and able and ready for the fight.

The adventure will be the journey of a lifetime

challenging everything I believe about me.

I am sure of only one thing as I step out on the road

this is the only way I will ever know who I am.
The start of the trail where I run


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