Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Worth the risk

Inspired by a conversation with a friend. For EB.
These are the rewards of digging in
to the things that don’t always look good.
To the damaged and blistered and sometimes rotting
broken parts of yourself.
 These are the moments that matter
when you have done all the work you have done.
When you shine like a beacon and inspire hope
in someone at the start of the road.
Tonight I heard a story
from the lips of a very dear friend.
A simple telling of things transpired
that carried the weight of the world.
With a slightly hysterical running commentary
telling both sides of the tale.
You let down the walls around yourself
and stood very boldly revealed.
We have a lot in common, you and I
and I’m so impressed at how far you have come.
You give me reason to believe that the road that I’m on
will yield such rewards for me.
In moments of desperate clinging
to hold on tightly to yourself.
You are daring to take chances 
and open yourself to hope.
I am still far too broken
to believe in any such thing.
To the point that I have retreated
into this solitary world of my own.
I watch you and smile and feel a slight rush of joy
and some sort of soothing calm.
As I walk back into the safety of my world
and to the work I still need to do.
Feeling very inspired and though I’d never admit it
seeing a glimmer of hope.
Someday and somehow I’ll believe again
that there is something worth taking a risk for.

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