Saturday, August 31, 2013

Forbidden Thoughts

Digging through some old notebooks today...and some old memories.
this is a wonderful memory to revisit.
~Adult content~
I have lost myself completely in the radiant glow of your skin.
My mind is drawn to the line where the luxurious golden brown
drifts slowly into a paler shade, the lighter color gently highlighting
the places which are forbidden.
I can’t restrain my hand from wandering hungrily over the curves of your body
and as your head falls back, eyes half closed, mouth half open,
I am forced to continue my quest.
I lean forward to kiss you, slowly at first, barely touching your lips
and as you open yourself to me I begin to explore you with my tongue.
Slowly, and for what seems like days, our mouths envelope one another
speaking all of the words that have never been said.
Hours pass and I begin to venture further,
down your neck and over the gentle lines of your body.
My lips cover every inch of you, every corner, every hidden part of you
until I can describe to you what you taste like from the inside out.
For a moment I sit back to look at you, breathless and terrified,
but as you look back into my eyes all hesitation leaves me
and the adventure continues forth.
I run my hand slowly down the tender length of your thigh,
caressing, exploring, feeling.
Around the soft curve of your calf, coming to rest on your ankle
and ever so slowly I lift your leg until it comes to rest on my shoulder.
Open and exposed to me, you invite me into you,
and with exquisite caution and care, I enter into places
I have only gone in my dreams.
With tender and practiced precision,
I eagerly trace my fingers over the delicate folds of your skin.
I listen with anticipation for the changes in your breathing,
signaling me to the places where your desires will unfold.
As the pace of your inhaling and exhaling begins to steadily increase,
so does my excitement.
I place my lips tenderly upon you and part them to allow my tongue
to venture into your body’s depths.
The fragrance and taste of you are overwhelming, and for a brief moment,
I lose my balance and almost forget where I am.
Quickly, I regain my composure, as I realize that this is
the only place I have ever wanted to be.
I continue to hungrily devour the delicacy of you
and at the same time enter you with my hand.
Deep within you I am feeling for, and reaching for,
and calling forth all of your desire.
I have found the place where you can feel me,
where you have allowed me to come inside of you.
Slowly and steadily I feed your need,
your ache, your want.
I call up from the depths of you everything you have ever wished for,
and continue on until you are begging and screaming.
As your nails are digging into my skin,
and the tears are streaming down your face,
I find the place where you will succumb.
Over, and over, and over,
you find your resolution.
In wave after wave of unbelievable release
you beg and scream and cry again.
Moments pass, but time has stood still
as you have given me everything that you have.
With open arms I cradle you in safety
until your breathing resumes it pace.
I stroke your face and kiss you softly,
and you fall into a quiet slumber, exhausted, by my side.
As I open my eyes, I return to the reality
that these are simply thoughts…
Simply dreams…
Simply forbidden…


  1. Okay, I'm going to have a cold shower now! Joking, of course, but this was hot, Andrea. What a memory to have! How beautifully you express that hunger and desire we can have for a lover.

  2. Simply seductive, enticing, beautiful